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At the time of writing, I am a 20 year old university student, studying Psychology. I live in Sydney, Australia. You can call me Molly Malcrow.

More importantly than either of those, though, is that I have a lot to say and I want to be able to delude myself into thinking that people are interested in me saying it. That’s where you come in. Thank you in advance.

I like to talk about culture, and human life in general, so I can’t make any promises about what topics I’ll cover here. This won’t be a journal thing. I won’t tell you about my boring days. In fact, a lot of these will be essay-like, or in something of a list format, a la If you don’t know that site, check it out.

I’ll probably swear. A fucking lot. And I might touch on controversial topics and that means that you might have something to say, but that is good. I like discussions.

If you want to contact me in a personal way (read: intelligent way, not in a swearing, stupid way), you can send an email to:

Thanks in advance for any reading you may do, and I hope our journey together will be an interesting one (for you. I know I’m interesting already).

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